About eSIM

🔸SIM cards are definitely no stranger to people with mobile phone numbers. From the traditional large SIM card to the medium SIM card (microSIM) and then to the small SIM card (nanoSIM), these are all "physical cards".

 🔸With the rapid development of technology, did you know that there are still virtual SIM cards? Virtual SIM card, as the name suggests, does not have a physical SIM card. It is a service that directly implants a SIM card on the mobile phone, called an eSIM card.

 🔸Since iPhone XS announced support for eSIM, other major mobile phone manufacturers have also started to join the ranks of supporting eSIM services.

 🔸Check here which phones support eSIM .


🔸Advantages of using eSIM card:

🔹Easily transform into a dual-SIM dual-standby mobile phone: Even if the mobile phone does not have a dual-SIM slot setting, as long as the eSIM card is activated, the mobile phone can enjoy the "dual-SIM dual-standby" function.

🔹Suitable for business people who use more than one phone number (the eSIM card can be used on the same mobile phone to make calls, answer calls and send messages with different phone numbers); after installing the eSIM card, you only need one mobile phone to conduct business The door number is used separately from the private door number .

🔹You don’t need to use roaming when traveling abroad, you can quickly access local data plans

🔹Save the inconvenience of changing SIM cards

🔹The signal can be traced even if the mobile phone is lost

🔹Wearable devices, Internet of Things...widely used