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Internet access in Europe and the United States with PLUS is really all you can eat without slowing down

Internet access in Europe and the United States with PLUS is really all you can eat without slowing down

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[List of Applicable Countries] - All you can eat without slowing down PLUS version

"Eastern Europe"

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova

"Western Europe"

United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg

"Southern Europe"

Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Albania


Iceland, Denmark (excluding Faroe Islands), Finland, Sweden, Norway

"Central Europe"

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia

"Transcontinental Country"

Cyprus (one of the South Cyprus networks such as MTN or Primetel),

Kazakhstan, Türkiye, Israel, Indonesia



🔹【Instructions for use】

1. One day will be counted on the day when the card is inserted, and another day will be counted starting from 00:00 the next day (calculated in Taiwan time)

2. This is an Internet card and does not have call or text messaging functions.

3. Plug and play simple setup

4. Telecommunications provider: Note that the telecommunications provider will automatically search for local communication providers. If you feel that the Internet speed is slowing down, please try to switch the communication provider.

5. For dual-SIM machines, please insert the network card into sim1 and do not insert the card into sim2.

6. This card has no value-added function. After inserting the card, the card number will become invalid according to the contract number of days (ex. 5 days, 8 days); please keep the complete SIM card body for inquiry purposes.

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Common notes:

‧The first day you arrive to insert the card will count as one day. Please do not insert the card in Taiwan

‧This product is subject to fair use restrictions.

>The principle of fair use means that if a large number of downloads, videos, or live broadcasts are uploaded and downloaded in a short period of time, resulting in a short-term surge in Internet traffic, the telecommunications provider may detect abnormal usage and limit the speed. The service provider has the right to terminate the service without further notice. notify.

‧This store is not responsible if your speed is restricted or your card is locked by local telecommunications providers due to personal behavior.

‧Mobile network does not guarantee minimum usage speed, please confirm before purchasing.

‧If the local area or mobile phone does not support 5G, it will automatically receive 4G/3G signals.

‧Mobile Internet access will affect the quality and speed of Internet access depending on factors such as location/terrain type/building shelter/number of users and terminal equipment. If you have any doubts, please do not purchase.

‧If the phone itself cannot support the SIM card, the frequency does not meet the requirements, etc., no refunds will be provided.

‧Due to different mobile phone brands, manual settings may be required. Please be sure to inquire before purchasing. If the phone cannot be used due to improper personal settings, no refund service will be provided.

‧Copycat machines, Asia-Pacific machines, customized machines (counterfeit machines), and card locking machines cannot be used.

‧Since there are many mobile phone models on the market, please confirm that your mobile phone supports Internet access at this frequency before purchasing (please contact the original manufacturer of the mobile phone)

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