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SIM88 Global Internet Access

SIM88 was established in 2012, focusing on the fields of tourism and business network communications. SIM88 is an executive development member of the International eSIM Organization. It has been operating professionally for more than 10 years and has served nearly 10 million passengers. It is a major domestic Internet card and eSIM supplier, with customers on all major online sales platforms. While many people are still worried about the stability of embedded SIM (embedded-SIM, eSIM for short) technology, we have achieved an accuracy rate of nearly 100%, and our professional technology leads the industry. SIM88 is composed of technicians from telecommunications companies. They have the most professional telecommunications knowledge background and many years of network communication experience. They can serve all users with the fastest and most accurate technology. You can get the most professional advice from SIM88 before going abroad, and the most professional customer service team is on standby for you during your trip, so you are not afraid of network emergencies. The Internet products provided by SIM88 are all cooperating with the top three telecommunications companies in each country to connect to the most stable network signals, so that our users can have the most stable network quality and the fastest network speed, whether it is a physical SIM card, Or the latest eSIM, SIM88 has always been leading the industry and taking the lead in providing the most complete services.

Service purposes

❖ Professional telecom customer service team online support

❖ Provide the best travel and business network solutions

❖ Provide the most cost-effective price

❖ Provide the most convenient shopping method

Why choose SIM88?


❖ Different from other resellers on the market, SIM88 is composed of a telecom carrier-level customer service team.

❖ Able to provide you with comprehensive services quickly, accurately and professionally

❖ Provide the fastest delivery, eSIM urgent mail is activated immediately, and physical network cards are delivered the next day

❖ Professional service staff are available 24 hours a day to serve you


common problem

❖ What should I do if the Internet cannot be used when going abroad?


Answer: Please rest assured that the reliability rate of our Internet products exceeds 99%. If you really encounter problems, please contact us. SIM88's professional technical customer service will immediately eliminate the obstacles for you. If the problems cannot be eliminated, a full refund will be issued.

❖ The network plan I want cannot be found on the website, what should I do?

Answer: Please make more use of the search function at the top of the website. You can enter the name of the country you are going to to search. If there are no results, you are welcome to contact customer service for enquiry.

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